Each class is well-represented amongst the peoples of Rerenga — given the predilection of the world towards ancient ruins, knowable Gods, ineffable monsters, and prolific undead, many take efforts to prepare themselves for a violent life.

The following notes should be considered when choosing or roleplaying a particular class:


Druids are exceedingly rare, and tend to live in private, secluded enclaves as a group. They have a monastic tradition in general, similar to Monks, except they tend to be found on the mainland in deep forest.


Monks come from Mahina, from one of the Martial Temples. They tend to have particular religious beliefs that differ from most Rerengans.


Warlocks are touched by an Old God who sings maddening songs to them. Many Warlocks have a touch of the musical in them, and love to drive others a little mad.

The only Warlock Pact Patron that will be available is Great Old One unless you have a particularly interesting idea (i.e. GM Discretion); Rerenga has no known open portals to the Feywild and is not plagued by Demons or Devils.

Cleric, Paladin

The Ordo Novo is an incredibly young religion, and as such its tenets have not yet calcified. In fact, it is entirely possible to be a Cleric (or Paladin) and not actually believe that the Interlopers are true Gods! Rather, it is objective and demonstrable fact that Clerics are powered by the Interlopers, and as such they tend to start believing in the Interlopers as Gods.

A Cleric or Paladin must choose a particular Interloper to follow, but may have other religious beliefs. In this case, “follow” does not mean “worship”, although the two are typically related.


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