Mahina is an island chain continent east of Charity composed of some 200 islands, with 5 larger primary islands. In the past, it had been much less populous than the other continents, by dint of size as well as culture, but a growing expatriate community from Dom Sagrado brought with them amazing buildings that could build towers ten or even fifteen stories tall, and the populace of Mahina has exploded in recent years.


  • Capitol: Ani’awa
  • Population: 10,000
  • Primary Exports: Iron, Palm Goods (Coconut, Palm Sugar, etc.)
  • Government: Community Leadership – common “town hall” meetings
  • Racial Makeup: 30% Dwarf / 30% Gnome / 20% Halfling / 20% Other

The two large islands north of the main continent chain are a single “country”, with Ani’awa to the north and Alu’awa to the south. The northern island has formidable cliffs to the north and west, and the Dwarves have made a comfortable home chiseled into their sides. The center of the island contains a single huge iron mine going an interminable length underneath the land, some say into Hell itself. As most of its populace is shorter, Puwaians have a habit of building their buildings slightly too small for other humanoids.


  • Capitol: Uruha
  • Population: 18,000
  • Primary Exports: Palm, Bamboo, Boats
  • Government: Council of Elders
  • Racial Makeup: 25% Dwarf / 20% Halfling / 10% Gnome / 10% Elf / 45% Other

South of Puwai is a cluister of 4 islands. They’re very similar to their neighbors to the north, although their shores are more amenable to ports and as such the islands are slightly more egalitarian in nature. They are known to be fervent worshipers of Sea and Air Elementals.


  • Capitol: Kaulu
  • Population: 23,000
  • Primary Exports: Clay, Fish
  • Government: Theocracy
  • Racial Makeup: 30% Elf / 20% Gnome / 15% Dwarf / 35% Other

Kahawai is comprised of 2 large islands, and then a smattering of small rocky islands. Each of the rocky islands is home to a Temple that acts as both a monastery and a martial arts academy; these Temples compete fervently for students from the main islands. The most famous of these is the Temple to Lua’una, the Goddess That Is The Moon.


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