Motu Rahi

Motu Rahi is the largest continent on the planet, nearly the size of Africa on a planet half the size of earth. Its peoples are as varied as they come, and it counts the most advanced countries in Rerenga amongst its number. Geographically, it contains several large mountain ranges with great springs and pools, sending rivers out all across the land. Primarily, travel is done by canoe along the rivers, combined with horses and other beasts of burden on land. Its most populous cities are in areas rich in resources — mountains, forests, etc.

There are very few countries within Motu Rahi, all of which are sizeable, and which have somewhat open borders.


  • Capitol: Pou Kainga
  • Population: 120,000
  • Primary Exports: Metal, Metalworking, Jewelry
  • Government: Mayor; elections held every 5 years.
  • Racial Makeup: 40% Dwarf / 25% Human / 15% Gnome / 20% Other
  • Culture Notes: Class-conscious, Money-conscious, heavily engaged in commerce and trade, very “political”

Situated at the base of a mountain and next to a river, Pou Kainga is well known for its mining operations and for the skills of its artisans. It has over time widened the river next to it to make room for more and more river boats, carrying goods in and out daily. Travel by wagon is slightly more difficult, as the town was essentially built inside of a large forest and is still surrounded by it, but the many roads in are very well-kept. However, bandits are a common problem.


  • Capitol: Manawa
  • Population: 90,000
  • Primary Exports: Marble, Pottery, Art
  • Government: Council-elected Mayor; Councilmembers chosen from tributary villages in a variety of ways
  • Racial Makeup: 30% Human / 20% Elf / 20% Dwarf / 10% Gnome / 20% Other
  • Culture Notes: Strongly resist the Ordo Novo, highly religious (Tuwera), very very relaxation-minded (strong sense of rewarding work with play)

On the other side of Pou Kainga’s mountain lies Manawa, which acts in almost all ways opposite from their sister city. They’ve come to war a few times over mining rights, although they want different things from the mountains. They do not have forests on their side of the mountain, and thus caravan travel is much easier. Manawans tend to get along well with everyone, as everybody loves their music and dance and art.


  • Capitol: Gahere Wero
  • Population: 40,000
  • Primary Exports: Wood
  • Government: Unelected Matriarch (not Monarchical)
  • Racial Makeup: 47% Elf / 20% Tiefling / 13% Human / 10% Half-Elf / 10% Other
  • Culture Notes: Serious, work-oriented, tradition-oriented, strong affinity to ritual

A primarily Elven enclave located deep in the heart of the largest forest on the largest continent, Gahere Wero produces nearly three quarters of Rerenga’s processed lumber. They have a complex social system around their work and what area they are currently lumbering to keep the forest fresh, iterating in 30-year cycles through different sections of forest and at the same time rotating their leader and leading clans.

Motu Rahi

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