Mata Afa

Marine Dwarf Fighter


Mata Afa is young at 52 for one of the Tagata O’amu, also known as the People of Coral, as he just came into his formal adulthood 3 years ago. He is dark-skinned with a reddish tint. He has curly long dark brown hair that is usually pulled up into a bun held in place by a whalebone comb. His eyes are dark grey, a rarity for his people. On his face and left arm are the tattoos of his people. His particular tribe uses an ink created by the local shamans that is an unusual vibrant teal color. The tiki on his left shoulder represents the family ancestor who looks upon and protects them from the afterlife.

Mata Afa is a curious dwarf. He tends to get antsy when he spends too much time in one place and is always on the lookout for new experiences. Despite this, he has a strong affection for both his hometown and family, and visits regularly.

He wields a dagger of his own crafting, a glaive, and wears lacquered steel scale armor that shimmers like fish scales.


Fetu was born in the coastal town of Tofē Ario. His mother is a leatherworker, and his father is a fisherman. This is fairly common among the people of Tofē Ario, generally the men work the sea, land, and mines, while the women are the artisans, though there are only very minor social taboos for those who buck those trends.

During his youth, he spent a lot of time climbing all over the cliffs into which his town was built. Once he was a little older, he started helping his father aboard his fishing boat. In his spare time, he still explored everywhere he could, though about this time, he also gained a bit of interest in smithing, and started spending more time with his aunt, a blacksmith who specializes in crafting armor.

Most of his youth passed splitting his time between his father’s boat, his aunts forge, and exploring the cliffs, but eventually it was time for him to move into his adulthood. At 49, like all Tagata O’amu, Fetu gained his adult warrior name and his first tattoos. His friends and elders bestowed on him the name Mata Afa, or Stormy Eyes, in reference to his unusual grey eyes and his inability to hide his glower when incensed. It is generally considered poor form for parents to offer gifts on this occasion, as they gave their offspring the gift of life and experience, though his aunt presented him with a gift of scale armor.

Almost immediately he signed onto a merchant ship, The Sooty Tern, captained by a human named Captain Ademir Tome, and his adventures began.

Mata Afa

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