Unless mentioned otherwise, all the basic descriptions and rules apply for each race.

Each race gains one ability, called a Blessing, in addition to the abilities granted by the PHB. These are subject to change even during the course of play if they turn out to be under/overpowered.


Humans are far and away the most populous of all races on Rerenga; the PHB description is sufficient, and all notes there apply here.

Blessed by Fate

once per session, you may re-roll a d20 roll that resulted in a 1. You must take the results of the second roll. If the roll that resulted in a 1 had advantage or disadvantage, you only re-roll one die.


Elves are commonly thought to be an evolutionary offshoot of Tritons, a mythical race that was said to live amongst the waves, and as such have an affinity for the sea as well as the forest. They are most populous on the islands and coastal cities, but can be found in some concentration in every city. They are the second most populous race, behind humans.

Blessed by Water

Due to your relaxed and efficient respiratory system, you can hold your breath underwater for up to fifteen minutes. In addition, you gain proficiency with one of the following skills: Athletics, Sleight of Hand, Survival.


Unlike as described in the PHB, Tieflings in Rerenga are a fully-formed race. Strongly isolationist and xenophobic, they are almost exclusively found on the polar continents and nearby, with few traveling beyond that. There are dark rumors that they are not from Rerenga originally, and that they came from Somewhere Else. Of course, where that might be is never mentioned. They are not well-liked by most other races.

Blessed by Fire

You do not feel the effects of cold weather thanks to your infernal blood. In addition, once per day, you may gain resistance to cold or fire for one turn as a reaction to a cold or fire ability.


Dwarves prefer to live with other races of the same height, but are comfortable across a wide variety of environments. They are always welcome in a party or a tavern, and have an uncanny knack for putting those around them at ease.

Subrace – Tagata O’amu

(Means “People of Coral” (literally in samoan))

An offshoot of mountain dwarves who migrated eastward an interminable amount of time ago, they typically have dark skin, black or dark-brown hair, and dark brown eyes. Their features are, like the mountain dwarves they came from, blunt and flat, almost chiseled. They are a highly communal group that lives in cliffsides, hollowing out the islands on which they live. Unlike most other Dwarves, who are so long-lived they barely note the passing of time, the Tagata O’amu hold a great ceremony when a member comes of age at 49 years old, with feasting and dancing and drinking. There, the member receives an adult name and their first tattoos: one that identifies their family, one that represents their goals, and one that is unique to only them. From that point on, most Tagatan dwarves get at least one tattoo a year, for a variety of reasons. Tagata O’amu tattoos are very distinct in style, with thick lines that in many cases take hours to draw.

Blessed by Earth

Your long-lived age has granted you preternatural calm. Once per long rest, you can use Calm Emotions as a standard action. Charisma is your spellcasting ability for it, and you have disadvantage unless the target is drunk. Also, you are known to be wild, and have advantage on Intimidation rolls against non-dwarves.


Gnomes are somewhat rare, as they live up to their intense and curious nature by getting themselves killed in all sorts of crazy ways. Otherwise, they match their PHB description.

Blessed by Air

Living capricious lives as they have, gnomes have grown adept at surviving explosions and the like. Once per day, if you succeed on a Dexterity saving throw against damage, you can choose to take no damage instead of half (similar to the Rogue’s Evasion ability).


There is a saying across Rerenga: if you see a Halfling, you’ve also seen their home. Rerengan halflings are more like Kender — obstinate wanderers who seldom stay in one place for more than a year (functionally, the only available subrace is Lightfoot). In their constant wandering, though, the Halflings have picked up a fair bit of information from all over, about all over.

Blessed by Light
You are keen at observing and have observed so much, you have advantage on all knowledge rolls.


Where there are elves and humans, there are half-elves. There’s not much to say about them; they are as common as the day is long. There’s no particular prejudice or attitude for or against them.

Blessed by Choice

You gain either the Blessed by Fate or Blessed by Water ability.


The orcs of Rerenga keep mostly to Motu Rahi, and mostly to themselves. They will wage war on anything and anyone that encroaches on their territory, but rarely if ever wander outside their tight boundaries. As such, there are few Half-Orcs in the entire world, and they are treated more as a curiosity than something to be hated. Orcs are simply not numerous enough to be despised, and half-orcs even rarer.

Blessed by Metal

You gain either the Blessed by Fate ability, or you gain resistance to one of piercing, slashing, or bludgeoning damage (once chosen, it cannot be changed).


It is said that the Dragonborn are the oldest of all races, created by an entirely different deity than the rest of the sentient species (ignoring Tieflings, of course). They would love to have you believe it, but there’s simply no proof for or against this claim. Red and White are the most common Dragonborn, followed by Black, and then the rest show up as random mutations.

Blessed by Void

Attempts to scry you or anywhere within 30ft of you are always at disadvantage. In addition, anyone attempting to sleep, fear, or charm you has disadvantage on the roll.


Race Blessing Effect
Dragonborn Void Disadvantage to being scried, slept, charmed, or feared
Dwarf Earth 1/day, Calm Emotions using CHA (better on drunks); Advantage on Intimidation against non-dwarves
Elf Water hold breath 15min; extra skill (Athletics, Sleight of Hand, Survival)
Gnome Air 1/day, gain Evasion as a reaction to a successful DEX save
Half-Elf Choice gain Blessing of Fate or Blessing of Water
Half-Orc Metal Fate or resistance to one of piercing/slashing/bludgeoning
Halfling Light Advantage on Knowledge rolls
Human Fate 1/day, Reroll a 1
Tiefling Fire Unimpeded by weather; 1/day, gain resist cold/fire as reaction


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