Charity is one of two large continents. It has many smaller countries, which have small skirmishes and small rebellions that constantly keep the political landscape shifting. It has more plainsland than Motu Rahi, and far fewer mountains, but it too has a varied geography.

Due to its location, its most populous and powerful cities are port cities along the coast.

Below are the three most notable countries.


  • Capitol: Centro Ordem
  • Population: 75,000
  • Primary Exports: Weaponry, Soldiers/Mercenaries
  • Government: Monarchy in form, Martial Law in practice
  • Racial Makeup: 65% Human / 15% Dragonborn / 10% Half-Orc / 10% Other

One of the safest places to live in is one of the most dangerous for those around it. A strongly hawkish society, the people of Centro Ordem have a very “me first, others later” attitude. That has served to make Centro Ordem a common ground, a neutral location for third parties to hash out their differences. It has also meant that, at times, Homeskeep has been found responsible for funding both sides of a war. Centro Ordem is also notable for being the largest enclave of Dragonborn outside of Kaulu, their home country.


  • Capitol: Dom Sagrado
  • Population: 49,000
  • Primary Exports: Education, Educated Peoples, Art, Artists
  • Government: Monarchy
  • Racial Makeup: 30% Human / 20% Gnomes / 15% Halflings / 15% Elves / 20% Other

Few cities take their studies as seriously as Dom Sagrado. Leao’s Queen, upon taking the throne, declared that no less than half of her money would go towards educating her peoples and commissioning great works from them, and Dom Sagrado quickly became the centerpiece of her plan. It boasts no fewer than ten different colleges, no small number of trade schools, and innumerable apprenticing workspeople eager to share their knowledge.

Nova Folha

  • Capitol: Ouro Alma
  • Population: 30,000
  • Primary Exports: Religion; Spices
  • Government: Mayor; elections held every 10 years (functionally a Theocracy)
  • Racial Makeup: 40% Human / 20% Elf / 20% Halfling / 10% Half-Elf / 10% Other

Ouro Alma is interesting in that it is, compared to most other capitol cities, neglected by its country. Many other cities in Nova Folha are larger, more popular, and produce greater works. What makes Ouro Alma unique are two things: its city-plan, as a rivered city (think Venice); and that when The Interlopers arrived, their message was heard by every single person in the city, which did not occur anywhere else. As a result, the city became swept up in fervor over their power, and they quickly became the center of the new religion across all Rerenga.

The true heart of Nova Folha is the port city of Sangang Daan, in the east. The widest road on the continent connects Sangaang Daan with Ouro Alma. Its ports are the first ports that Mahinans typically use, and it is the only port that the Council of Sanctum has approved. Its alleyways have doors to anything your heart could desire, and more; the mayor of Sangang Daan has called it “the center and anchor of all trade.”


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