Sanctorum, the northern polar continent, is a bitter cold, nearly inhospitable place. only a single large city exists, on the southernmost tip, and it exists almost entirely as an adventurer’s forward base — the continent contains a vast amount of ancient ruins buried in the snow and ice.


  • Capitol: Uruk
  • Population: 2,500
  • Primary Exports: Magical Goods, Fat
  • Government: N/A (Anarchist)
  • Racial Makeup: 55% Tiefling / 30% Dragonborn / 15% Other

Uruk exists half above-ground, half below-ground, with deep tunnels dug into a nearby lava flow providing warmth for the rest of the city; while most people that live here do so below-ground, farming lichen and insects that live near the volcanic vents, topside is a large community that supports a large shipyard; many of the Dragonborn are expert boaters and whalers, capturing large beasts from the sea.

Adventurers are not typically allowed below-ground.


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